“You were born Original, Don’t die a copy!”

If you are fat you may not suit the fashion world’s criteria, and this is not news for us. But if you are a singer or an actress and not a model and your size is 16, could you still be bombarded with controversial comments? Wouldn’t it be ridiculous that even if you are not a runway model you have to follow somebody’s rules, the rules of the celebrity world. Everybody knows that the appearance matters much more than the performance as a singer or actress. Yes this is the sad reality! A ridiculous episode happened a few months ago, when the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has allowed himself to offended the British singer Adele, saying that she was very fat. Do not forget that in the past the German fashion designer has suffered from weight problems. However I’m not very surprised of this comment, as we know that if you want to be accepted in this world you have to be part of the same ‘collection’ as Barbie in factories. In an interview with People magazine, the 23-year-old says: ‘I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.’ Also the queen of pop, Madonna, described Lagerfeld remarks as “horrible and ridiculous”. “I don’t like it when anybody says anything bad about anyone — I don’t like it. Adele’s a great talent and how much she weighs has nothing to do with it.” Madonna said to The Sun. “It is all about who you surround yourself with — friends and people who really do care about you, and care about your well-being beyond being a superstar. That’s the most important thing.”


2 responses to ““You were born Original, Don’t die a copy!”

  1. Chinese men love all women but they REALLY love Chinese women. They believe Chinese women are the best. They also think their clurute, heritage and appearance is better than yours. The hierarchy for a foreign born Chinese man and his family is? usually the following: 1st choice: Chinese; 2nd choice: Korean; 3rd choice: any other east or southeast Asian; 4th choice: white. They say that white women’s noses are too long. Of course there are (very few) exceptions.

  2. there has been a lot of talk about race first of all this is EUROPEAN fashion of coruse there will be more white people involved, I’m an asian girl i don’t give a fuck if there are no asian models or black ones in EUROPEAN fashion? shows that wont stop me from enjoying it or buying from it. Can you imagine if there are? no asian girls in a chinese fashion show it would be an outrage, looking for or insinuating for your own race is racist in itself

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