The negative advertising is even better in the fashion industry.

Everyone’s personal life needs to stay private! We are all agreeing with that. But if you are a public figure is this right still belongs to you? You automatically become an idol an icon for your fans, which everybody fancy to follow.  Suddenly everyone wants to know everything about your life, it become a dangerous obsession for many. This is the price that celebrities pay, especially those that are part of the fashion industry, cinema and music. Once you turn to be famous you are an example for a lot of people, your behaviour is the key of your success. But what happens when celebrities’ bad actions are nothing more than positive consequences for them.

A good confirmation and example as we always request, could be the old Kate Moss’ cocaine scandal. The “shocking accident” did not harm at all the top model’s fees but has just doubled her salary, according to How cool is that? At the beginning it is a shocking scandal as the cocaine in their luxury world is big news for us,.And next this sad accident doubled Moss incomes. The manager of Kate, Sarah Doukas said ‘I just thought she will be fine, and I knew that some of my great clients, that were huge clients to her, they stuck by and said “we are in your capable hands, we will stick by her” – and they did.’

I personally think that for Doukas it has had been a very hard work to do. Immediately after the scandal that Moss signed with Burberry, was involved in campaigns for Dior, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Rimmel, and Bulgari Provacateur Agent. According to Forbes, Moss earned $ 9 million in 2010 after the scandal occurred.  “It’s a public figure and should take care of her image to a point, but her private life remains her private life, and she is just a model,” said Doukas. 😀


One response to “The negative advertising is even better in the fashion industry.

  1. Nope just read Facebook’s EULA and Privacy Policy. Their business is to own your A.S.S. in the pcsoers they leak a lot of Your information to third parties. I am sure they all have good intentions.

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