Models died on the catwalk because of anorexia.

Battling anorexia not always has a happy ending. Famous models become victims of anorexia after they were constantly under pressure working on the fashion industry. Anorexia is a serious disease and, especially, it is not sexy.

Luisel Ramos

At only 22 years, Luisel died of cardiac arrest during a fashion show in Uruguay. Immediately after she returned from the catwalk, on the way to wardrobe, she felt ill and collapsed. His father later said that Luisel have not eaten for several days before the show and for a few months she had held a drastic diet based solely on Diet Coke and leafy vegetables.

Eliana Ramos

It is Luisel’s younger sister, who died just 18 years. She suffered a heart attack because of malnutrition. She was found in her grandparents’ house.

Ana Carolina Reston

She began her modeling career at just 13 years, and after a casting in China, she was told that she was too fat. The remarks received have caused anorexia and at 21 years old Ana Carolina Reston died. Just three weeks before, she was hospitalized, but strict diet based on and red apple lead to kidney failure. Carolina weighed only 40 pounds.

Isabel Caro

It is probably the most publicized case of anorexia. Frenchwoman fought this disease for 15 years. She posed nude for an anti-anorexia campaign. Isabelle Caro began the battle with anorexia when she was 13 years, because she was told she must lose 10 kg if she wants to get a job in modelling. In 2007, when her condition was still critical, she agreed to pose nude for Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani, to draw attention to this disease.


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