The sad side of cheap clothes!!!!

When people think about low cost clothes shops, they will quickly say Top Shop, Primark , Bershka, PullandBear ecc. These shops might make happy millions of people, because everybody has the opportunity to be trendiness. We buy clothes, we want to look nice and we acknowledge it as a need to be fashionable, we just don’t want to be excluded from this society, don’t we?! However not everyone is lucky to shop at Selfridges or Harrods so they decide to spend their clothes-budget in cheap stores.

Sadly not many people really realise what is happing behind the scenes. Did you ever ask yourself why these clothes are so cheap? Instead of running and share with your friend the beautiful, cheap and trendiness piece that you bought. Ask yourself if the low price is only due to a bad quality or there is a tragic hidden truth? I’m pretty sure that many of us have heard about exploited children and the miserable conditions where they work. Most of all we know that this happens in places like East Europe India, Africa where labour is very cheap and for those who have power in their hands there are minimal problems to subject the poor people.

Recently I watched a British documentary series called ‘’Blood, Sweat and T-shirts’’ is about a group of high-street fashion victims that go to India to work alongside Indian garment workers, making clothes destined for sale in British high-street stores. This film reflects very well the sad reality. People working all day in front of the sewing machines earn less than 2£. Can you imagine this? I’m  going to scream it in Capitals.  THEY GET PAID ONLY TWO F* £ FOR A FULL DAY OF WORK!!! I advise you to watch this documentary, indeed I’m begin you to watch it!!!! And after you finish ask yourself what can you do about it???

A short video from the documentary series:


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