Warning statistics behind the most “glamorous” professions in the world. Fashion between drugs, alcohol and sexual harassment

The fashion industry is regarded as an example of glamor and high-life. However, behind closed doors statistics are alarming.

The model Sara Ziff started a non-profit organization The Model Alliance,to defend girls rights, which are working on the fashion industry. She told to the “Business Insider” that the industry has no regulation and there is a big presence of exploitation on minors, sexual harassment, drugs and problems food.

Thus, a sample of 85 models, “The Model Alliance” has identified that more than a half had problems with cocaine, suffered from depression or was forced to weaken the extreme. Here are some shocking statistics:

54.7% of the models begin their careers between 13 and 16 years.

37.3% started working in modeling between 17 and 20 years.

A third of girls were touched and sexually harassed at work.

28% were forced to have sexual relations with bosses or co-workers.

86.8% were made to pose nude without being announced in advance.

46.4% of those who posed nude agreed with this, but 27.5% did so because they felt forced and otherwise would have lost the job.

29.1% d girls who were harassed were able to complain to agencies that work.

Two thirds of the models suffer from chronic sadness or depression.

64.1% were required by agencies to weaken the force.

Half of the girls used the enema to get rid of extra weight.

31.2% suffer from food.

76.5% took drugs or drank alcohol in excess.

50.6% have tried at least once in the workplace drugs, especially cocaine.

28.8% have health insurance.


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