The scandals are indispensable ingredients during Fashion Week.

If Fashion Week flows without scandals, it barely can become big news for magazines. The scandal as a famous quote says ‘is the icing on the cake’ for fashion events. This year at the top centre of many scandals we found  Marc Jacobs show.
The famous designer has been criticized for placing on the podium two girls of 14 years.

Thairine Garcia and Ondra Hardin

The models named Thairine Garcia and Ondra Hardin, parade the stylish hats inspired by singer Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. According to the Council of Fashion Designers of the United States, all models on parade must have at least 16 years. Jacobs does not regret his decision.

“I do my presentation as I want, as I think it should be and not as people say,” said the designer for daily “The New York Times”.

The scandal involving Marc Jacobs comes just days after Ford Models, one of the biggest agencies, has chosen not to play by the rules and sent Ondriei Hardin and Thairine Garcia to parade on the catwalk. “There are mandatory requirements. In each presentation, we hope that designers will follow, but it is only their decision, “said a press release from the Designers Council.


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